Developing a Style – Part 1 – Introduction

I’ve been reading a number of blog posts and articles recently about developing a style in photography.

I’ve been big into photographing land and seascapes for a number of years now and have never really thought about my “style”. I really just shoot what i like and then process the image in a way that either suits the subject or pleases me, or both.

But, after my recent trip to Cornwall, photographing the often amazing scenery down that way, I’ve started to notice some repeating themes or style elements to my images. This may just be due to the weather conditions, i’m not always lucky with that, or it may just be my own personal preferences sneaking in.

Take a look at the following images and see for yourself. Some were taken during this recent trip, but others are older, but I think they all have a distinct “feel” to them across the range.

I like the “feel” of these images and will continue to produce images like this, but that is not to say that my style will stay in this place. I think my style is still developing and I will continue to explore other ideas, such as the images below. Which again, are all mine, but all with very different vibes to them.

Keep an eye out for my next blog post which will delve deeper into how to develop your own style.