New Stuff

I’ve just treated myself.

I’m off to Cornwall for some landscape/seascape shots in a couple of weeks and so i’ve treated myself to a few new toys.

First up i’ve finally replaced my broken Lee Little Stopper. I loved that filter the last time I went down to Cornwall, right up until I drop it down the steps at Bedruthan and watched it smash on the rocks. I couldn’t leave the broken bits so after walking up the stairs I trekked all the the way back down to pick up the broken pieces. Anyone who has been to Bedruthan will know that’s no easy task. I’m looking forward to getting out and trying them again.

My next toy is a set of Lee Sunset filters. I’ve never used these type of filters before so am looking forward to trying these out. The are a collection of three graduated filters ranging in colour from red to yellow to give more colour in the sky during the sunset. I can’t wait to give them a try.

And finally, and most excitingly, a new tripod. There wasn’t too much wrong with my last one to be honest but it was a bit cheap and a little bit wobbly. My new one is by a company called Artcise and is made from carbon fibre and on first sight, looks amazing. It’s tall, it’s strong, it has a bowl head and as an extra little gimmick it has a funky little mobile phone holder, and again, I’m excited to get out there and try it out.

I’ll try to give some proper reviews once i’ve tried them all out. 🙂