What is a Limited Edition Print?

A question I sometimes get asked is what is the difference between a limted, special or exclusive edition print and any other print?

There is often the assumption that other prints, often called Open Edition prints will be of a lesser quality to the Limited, Special or Exclusive Edition prints. This is not so. All of my prints are printed on the same, museum quality paper, using the same inks and the same printer. The only real difference is that my Limited, Special and Exclusive Edition prints will only ever be printed a specified number of times, making them more valuable than an Open Edition print.

When a photographer, or any other artist, limits the number of prints, some will limit them to a certain number of each size, whereas others, like myself will have an overall number limit regardless of size. I will print each copy to order. So, for my Limited Edition prints I will print a total of 50 copies as and when they are ordered. My Special Edition prints will have only 25 copies and my Exclusive Edition just 10, therefore making them more sought after. When you buy a Limited, Special or Exclusive Edition print from me you will also recieve a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity.

Whilst I will limit the number of certified copies, for each image there will also be one or two artist’s proofs, usually printed at the smallest available size, although occassionally these may be printed bigger. These copies will only ever be sold once the edition print run is sold out. I will never create more copies regardless of any demand. I want my images to be special.

When it comes to pricing, some photographers will handle things slightly differently and as an edition print run starts to sell out will increase the price of the prints. I don’t do this. I believe that my editions are priced fairly and represent a true value based on the work put in. All prints of an image in an edition run will have the same price throughout. The only variance on this may be when the dition is sold out and the artist’s proofs become available.

None of these factors are set in stone and some photographers handle things differently, but, rightly or wrongly, this is how I like to do things.

Other Prints, or Open Edition Prints

As I mentioned above, my other prints, which can be found in my Other Works and Nature – Flora & Fauna galleries are printed in exactly the same way as my limited, special and Exclusive Edition prints. The only difference is that there is no restriction on the number of prints that can be created for these. These will also include a signed certificate of authenticity, but they are not numbered.

For obvious reasons, each of the images available on my website are available as either an Open Edition or a Limited, Special or Exclusive Edition, but not both.

You can view my images here:

Limited Edition Special Edition Exclusive Edition

Other Works Nature – Flora & Fauna